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Why Kriten?

Democratisation of Software

The barrier to entry to writing software lowering. Software development is accessible to everyone. Organisations have a large potential resource pool empowered to build customised utilities and apps.

It works on my laptop

IT professionals have been coding scripts to simplify tasks for many years. The challenge is how to make them available to other consumers.

The consumers need:

  • A simple and consistent way to run the code.

The developers need:

  • A simple way to publish the code.
  • A simple way to integrate with other systems.

The infratructure owners need:

  • A consistent way to ensure authentication and authorisation.
  • Assurance that secrets and sensitve data is not exposed.
  • Audit trail.
  • A reliable and scalable platform.

“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.”

Code in any language can be published in 2 steps (or less in some cases). Kriten takes care of building an API endpoint that consumers can use to run the code. The code is run on Kubernetes, leveraging the scalability, reliability and portability benefits, but after installation no Kubernetes knowledge is needed.


As custodians, we are committed to maintaining and improving Kriten. It is free to use, without limitation. To fund continued development, we have support options for bug-fix and feature development.