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Prerequisites and Guidelines

  • Installation into dedicated kubernetes cluster or namespace is recommended to limit access to Kriten resources for administrators only:
  • No other workloads beside Kriten running in cluster/namespace.
  • Kubernetes and Helm access restricted to cluster/namespace for administrators only.
  • Kubernetes 1.21+
  • Helm v3+

Helm install

The Chart can be installed by adding the helm repo to your system.

Kriten can be installed along with local PostgreSQL database (recommended for Dev and UAT environments) or with external PostgreSQL database (recommended for production use).

Kriten supports local authenticator and Microsoft AD authenticator at same time. If no Microsoft AD authenticator enabled and configured, only local authentication will take place.

Helm install with values.yaml modified for target configuration:

Add helm repo

helm repo add kriten
helm repo update

Copy values.yaml (if necessary) and edit myvalues.yaml

helm show values kriten/kriten > myvalues.yaml

Create namespace

kubectl create namespace kriten


helm install -f myvalues.yaml kriten kriten/kriten -n kriten


helm install kriten kriten/kriten -n kriten

Helm Chart Parameters

Parameter Description Default
ingress.enabled Ingress configuration enabled true
ingress.className Ingress class name "nginx"
ingress.hosts[0].host Ingress host name ""
frontend.enabled Set to true to install GUI false
frontend.backendAddress URL for the backend ingress ""
replicaCount Number of desired Kriten pods 1
image.repository Kriten Docker image repository "evolvere/kriten-core"
image.tag Kriten Docker image tag "v0.3-beta4"
image.pullPolicy Pull policy for Kriten Docker image "IfNotPresent"
imagePullSecrets Kubernetes secrets to pull container images from private repository ["name": "dockerhub]
name Kriten deployment name "kriten"
namespace Namespace for Kriten "kriten"
serviceAccount.create Specifies whether a service account should be created for Kriten true
serviceAccount.annotations Annotations to add to the service account {} The name of the service account to use, if not set and create true, a name is generated using the fullname template ""
service.type Kriten k8s service type ClusterIP
service.port Kriten k8s service port 80
ldap.enabled LDAP/AD authenticator enabled false
ldap.binUser LDAP/AD bind account name ""
ldap.bindPass LDAP/AD bind account password ""
ldap.fqdn LDAP/AD service IP or FQDN ""
ldap.port LDAP/AD access TCP port (389 or 639 for TLS) 389
ldap.baseDN LDAP/AD base DN ""
jwt.key Private key or secret to sign issued JWT ""
jwt.expiry_seconds JWT expiry in seconds 3600
postgresql.install PostgreSQL installed as part of Kriten installation if set to true, or use external if false true PostgreSQL Host for internal or external depending on postgresql.install parameter "kriten-community-postgresql"
postgresql.port PostgreSQL TCP port 5432
postgresql.image.registry PostgreSQL Docker image registry
postgresql.image.repository PostgreSQL Docker image repository bitnami/postgresql
postgresql.image.tag PostgreSQL image tag "16"
postgresql.auth.username PostgreSQL username kriten
postgresql.auth.password PostgreSQL password kriten
postgresql.auth.database PostgreSQL database name kriten
postgresql.persistence.enabled PostgreSQL database persistnce storage enabled true